Hunger for Bees


Adelina Zarlenga
Adelina Zarlenga Journalist

Adelina Zarlenga is an Italian journalist. She collaborates with some Italian newspapers and works for Ella Studio press office specializing in the areas of travel, environment, food, health, and culture. Articles are published on the major Italian and international newspapers, magazines, and websites. She consistently deals with social media and web communication and she also worked in the cultural heritage sector.

Monica Pelliccia
Monica Pelliccia Freelance multimedia journalist

Monica Pelliccia is an Italian freelance multimedia journalist. She writes on environmental and social topics, such as biodiversity conservation, women's issues, climate change, indigenous people rights, food security, and agroecology. She has produced reports from India, Ecuador, Honduras, Brazil, Cambodia published on international media.

Daniela Frechero
Daniela Frechero Freelance photojournalist

Daniela Frechero is a freelance photojournalist based in Barcelona. She worked with topics related to migration, gender, and climate change. She has produced reports from India, Ecuador, Brazil, Morocco and Spain published on international media.

Silvia Luciani
Silvia Luciani Director and screenwriter

Silvia Luciani is a director and screenwriter. He realized documentary films and short films dedicated to social issues, such as migration, new citizenship, the fight against discrimination and human rights. The works have been recognized with prizes of national interest.

Nutrimenti Editore
Nutrimenti Editore

Journalism Grants
Journalism Grants

Hunger For Bees is a project realized with the support of the European Journalism Center, Journalism Grants Programme, Innovation in Development Reporting Grant Programme (IDR)