The referendum against pesticides

Johannes Fragner is the pharmacist of Malles, the first town in the world to decide through a referendum to ban the use of pesticides. A revolutionary initiative that gives to this Italian little alpine village an exemplar notoriety. Malles is located in Val Venosta, in the Alto Adige region, This is one of the biggest European area dedicated to fruit production, where is cropped the 50 percent of the Italian apples and the 15 percent of the European.
But part of the citizenship of Malles did not want the intensive farming of apple trees to be part of their landscape, in order to contrast and agriculture that with the aim to improve the production allows the use of agrochemicals and antiparasitic.
Between the ones who promoted the referendum, the major of Malles Ulrich Veith is convinced that the protection of human health is between its main tasks. Different scientific studies, such as the one collected by the oncologist Patrizia Gentilini and the doctor Renata Alleva, demonstrate correlations between pesticides and effects on human health. As the herbicide Glyphosate, classified by the Italian Association for the Research on Cancer (IARC) as probably carcinogenic, and the neonicotinoids, harmful for the bees.