The shepherds of bees

Giorgio is a nomadic beekeeper. He chasing the morning light and the scent of the flowers traveling in the Po Valley to help the beekeepers to pollinate sunflowers and produce sunflower oil that will be consumed worldwide. He practices nomadism to improve food production and protect the bees from chemical treatments with pesticides and monocultures, where nectar and pollen is lack.

The farmers pay an average of 32 euro to rent each beehive during the blooming season. This improves the quality and quantity of the fruits and vegetables produced. Right now the farmers are getting more and more dependent on beekeeping due to the decline of bees. The pollination service is a widespread service in Europe and worldwide. Each February around 2,5 million of bees came from each corner of the USA to the immense almond crops of California. In North America is common to move the beehives between this monoculture, in fact, pollination service is the principal activity of the persons who are practicing beekeeping.